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Jackson Taylor

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Growing up, Jackson’s childhood wasn’t easy. Jackson’s experiences growing up around and his exposure to family violence, witnessing substance abuse and spending time in out-of-home care has shaped the person he’s become. It’s what motivated Jackson to serve as a frontline member of Victoria Police and later as a Police Prosecutor. And it’s what inspired him to serve his community as a local Councillor and Deputy Mayor before entering Parliament.

Jackson decided from a very young age that, no matter what job he had, he was going to give back to the community, make a positive difference and fight for people who faced hardships like his own family’s. This is what prompted him to run for Parliament and be a voice for his community.

Some of the priorities Jackson has for his community have stemmed from his personal childhood experiences. Jackson is also incredibly passionate about providing first class healthcare in the outer east, backing in local schools, supporting grassroots clubs, and delivering local road and public transport projects, are also top priorities.

Jackson's vision for Victoria’s future is that we constantly strive to ensure a better quality of life and fairness for all. He wants our state to continue to lead the nation on climate action and build the infrastructure Victorians need, creating well-paying jobs.



  • Secretary to the Parliamentary Labor Party since February 2023

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Historical information

  • First elected
    24 November 2018
  • 2,037 days of Parliamentary Service
    2018 - Current

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  • Bayswater since 24 November 2018

Party history

  • Australian Labor Party since 24 November 2018

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  • Secretary to the Parliamentary Labor Party since 7 February 2023

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