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You can find questions and responses in our questions database and in Hansard.

Questions database

Search the questions database for responses to: 

  • Questions on notice: written requests for information, asked by members to ministers
  • Constituency questions: questions about a member's own electorate
  • Adjournment matters: issues raised during the adjournment debate which require a written response
  • Questions without notice: questions raised during question time (use database only for those which require a written response)
Search the questions database


Hansard have all questions asked and responses verbally given in the House. This includes:

  • Questions without notice asked during question time
  • Constituency questions asked
  • Adjournment matters raised
Search Hansard

Ministers and ministers representing list

This list has all the ministerial portfolios and representing portfolios in both Houses. 

Ministerial portfolios and representing portfolios

When are responses due?

  Asked in Assembly Asked in Council
Questions on notice 30 days 30 days
Questions without notice  - 1 or 2 days*
Constituency questions 30 days 14 days
Adjournment matters 30 days 30 days

* A written response may be required for a question without notice asked in the Council. If the question was directed to a Council minister's portfolio the response is due within one business day and to an Assembly minister's portfolio within two business days.

How do I provide a response?

Email matching word and pdf files of a response to or

All responses should identify the House (Council or Assembly), question type and question number.

The pdf must be signed by a minister.

We can accept a response signed by any minister, even if they were not the minister that the matter was directed to. 

We will process the response and the matter will be considered answered.

If you realise there is an error in a response you have sent us, please get in contact and we can talk you through your options.

If a question is showing as 'unanswered' on the questions database then a response is required. 

New questions database webpage

Use this guide to help you get the most from the new questions database webpage.

Guide to using the new questions database webapage

The questions database includes all questions and responses from the start of the 59th Parliament (December 2018). To access questions or responses before that time, see the archive pages.