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Many documents are formally presented to Parliament. Presenting a document to Parliament is called ‘tabling’ and is a method of ensuring information is available to members of Parliament and the public.

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Use the this database to search for documents tabled in Parliament. Tabled documents include:

  • annual reports of public organisations
  • parliamentary committee reports
  • reports by independent officers of the parliament like the Ombudsman
  • regulations and official notices

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Some tabled documents were previously categorised as parliamentary papers. This means they are covered by parliamentary privilege and the authors cannot be sued over the contents. 

This collection includes all of the parliamentary papers tabled in the Parliament of Victoria from 1851 to November 2022.

In December 2022, Parliament stopped using the term ‘parliamentary paper’ and instead such documents are now referred to as ‘requiring additional protection’ or having been ‘published by order, or under the authority of, the Parliament’. You can find those, together with other tabled documents, in the tabled documents database.

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