Ms Kat Theophanous

Kat Theophanous

Meet Kat

Kat has lived in the inner north for over 35 years and is now raising her two daughters in the local area with her husband Julian. She has spent her working life in media and government fighting for social justice, equality, diversity and inclusion.

Before entering Parliament, Kat worked alongside Hon. Fiona Richardson, the previous Labor Member for Northcote and former Minister for Women and Prevention of Family Violence. Here she worked to deliver Victoria’s first Gender Equality Strategy.

Kat is focused on balancing Northcote’s growth with maintaining open space, better amenities, improving vital infrastructure and planning for more services.

She believes in an inclusive and first-class education system, modern transport networks, affordable housing and a strong health and mental health system. She wants to drive local investment and make sure secure jobs flourish in the inner northern suburbs, with support to local businesses and clear pathways for young people to live and work local. Kat has long been an advocate for strong action on climate change and believes that sustainability can be embedded into the growth of our suburbs and our thriving economies.

Kat is committed to working across policy areas such as social justice, education, gender equality, environment and energy reform, housing and homelessness, multiculturalism and economic opportunity.


  • Parliamentary Secretary for Women's Health since December 2022

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  • First elected
    24 November 2018
  • 2,015 days of Parliamentary Service
    2018 - Current

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  • Northcote since 24 November 2018

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  • Australian Labor Party since 24 November 2018

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  • Parliamentary Secretary for Women's Health since 5 December 2022

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