Ms Rachel Payne

South-Eastern Metropolitan Legislative Council Legalise Cannabis Victoria
Rachel Payne

Meet Rachel

Prior to entering Parliament, Rachel was the executive of EROS Association and held leadership, project management, policy and research roles with the Family Court of Australia and Centrelink. Rachel holds postgraduate qualifications in public policy and an undergraduate degree in sociology and politics. She is also an acclaimed performer, travelling internationally to perform as Freckles Blue in Paris and London. Rachel has extensive experience in advocacy and campaigning, including successfully campaigning to end financial discrimination against small business, gaining the support of the Ombudsman.

Rachel put her hand up to run for Parliament for Legalise Cannabis Victoria as she believes it is time for law reform in this space. She is keen to initiate the conversation more broadly around the role of cannabis as the future for environmental ingenuity and creation.

Rachel has a keen interest in political processes and practices, is an advocate for women’s rights and equality, inclusivity, and progressive social and community development. She is also passionate about solutions to homelessness, particularly in regard to young people, and has lived experience after instability in home-life meant Rachel was independent from 16 years of age. She is a fierce advocate for cannabis law reform and is actively involved in the LGBTIQ community.  

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Historical information

  • First elected
    26 November 2022
  • 596 days of parliamentary service
    2022 - current

Electorate represented

  • South-Eastern Metropolitan since 26 November 2022

Party represented

  • Legalise Cannabis Victoria since 26 November 2022

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