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Parliamentary inquiries

Inquiries are an opportunity for the public to have input into issues being considered by Parliament. The inquiry process is managed by a committee and inquiries are referred to a committee through a terms of reference. The work of inquiries facilitates an in-depth investigation of issues to assist with better legislative decisions, direct public input into parliamentary and policy processes, public debate and awareness of issues.

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Upcoming hearings

Recently conducted hearings

Stay up to date with inquiries that have recently held hearings. Access witness details and transcripts as they become available:

Inquiry into the 2026 Commonwealth Games Bid

Inquiry into the operation of the Freedom of Information Act 1982

Inquiry into the 2022 Flood Event in Victoria

Drafting report

The following inquiries are drafting the report. Click through to find out the date the report is due to be tabled in Parliament:

Inquiry into the conduct of the 2022 Victorian state election

Inquiry into the impact of road safety behaviours on vulnerable road users

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Parliamentary committees

Inquiries are conducted by committees.

Committees are appointed at the start of a Parliament and are formed by members from one house or both houses. 

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