Accepting submissions | The Committee is now accepting submissions. Submissions will close on 28 June 2024.

The Committee will investigate local government funding and service delivery in Victoria, including:

  • cost shifting from state and federal governments to local council;
  • ability of local governments to meet core service delivery objectives;
  • local government's revenue structure, as well as whether these structures are sustainable and appropriate; and
  • whether there are alternative models of funding to consider.

On 3 May 2023, the Legislative Council agreed to the following motion:


That this House requires the Economy and Infrastructure Committee to inquire into, consider and report, by 28 November 2024, on local government funding and service delivery in Victoria, including but not limited to —


(1) the effects of cost shifting from the state and federal governments to local councils in an examination of vertical and horizontal fiscal imbalances;


(2) whether local councils are adequately delivering on their core service delivery objectives;


(3) the overall revenue structure of local government;


(4) whether the existing revenue structure is sustainable and appropriate or if alternative models of funding would be more sustainable and appropriate; and


(5) any other related matters.

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