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The Select Committee will inquire into and report on Victoria's recreational bird hunting arrangements including the operation of annual bird hunting seasons, arrangements in other jurisdictions, the environmental sustainability and impacts and the social and economic impact..

A select committee of nine members be established to inquire into, consider and report by 31 August 2023 on Victoria’s recreational native bird hunting arrangements, including but not limited to —

(a) the operation of annual native bird hunting seasons;

(b) arrangements in other Australian jurisdictions;

(c) their environmental sustainability and impact on amenity;

(d) their social and economic impact.

Native Bird Hunting heads to Sale

Native bird hunting inquiry update

Chair Ryan Batchelor outlines the next phase of the inquiry, which includes public hearings. A report to government with findings and recommendations is due by 31 August 2023.

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Parliament of Victoria
Select Committee on Victoria's Recreational Native Bird Hunting Arrangements
Parliament House, Spring Street