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The Committee tabled its final report for the Inquiry on 29 August 2023. A government response to the Inquiry is due six months from tabling. 

The Inquiry investigated issues around Victoria's land transfer duty scheme, including examining alternative models used in other jurisdictions as potential alternatives to land transfer duty. 

On 22 February 2023, the Legislative Council agreed to the following motion:


That this House requires the Economy and Infrastructure Committee to inquire into, consider and report,
within six months of the House agreeing to this resolution, on issues around land transfer duty fees and its
instruments within the Duties Act 2000, including but not limited to —

(1) analysing the current situation regarding the land transfer duty tax, and reviewing ‐

(a) impacts on labour and capital mobility;

(b) revenue predictability;

(c) efficiency of resource allocation;

(d) effects on housing supply and development;

(e) overall tax efficiency;

(2) examining potential alternatives to land transfer duty, assessing models from interstate and
international jurisdictions, noting the pros and cons of various proposed or implemented solutions; and

(3) any other related matters

Committee's final report released

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