Conducting Public Hearings

The Committee resolved at its meeting on 5 February 2024 to conduct an inquiry into Victorian tobacco and e-cigarette controls.  The Committee is expected to report its findings no later than 30 November 2024. The Committee is now accepting submissions for this inquiry. Please see the submissions tab for more details.


Under s 33(3) of the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003 (Vic) the Committee inquire into, consider and report by no later than 30 November 2024 on the 2022-23 Annual Reports of the Department of Health and VicHealth regarding Victorian tobacco and e-cigarette controls, including:

  1. Trends in vaping and tobacco use and the associated financial, health, social and environmental impacts on the Victorian community
  2. The causes and repercussions of the illicit tobacco and e-cigarette industry in Victoria including impacts on the Victorian justice system, and effective control options
  3. The adequacy of the State and Commonwealth legislation, regulatory and administrative frameworks to minimise tobacco and e-cigarette harm experienced in the community and control illicit trade compared to other Australian and international jurisdictions
  4. The effectiveness of current public health measures to prevent and reduce the harm of tobacco use and vaping in Victoria and potential reforms
  5. Any other related matters.

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