Young Victorians key to vaping and tobacco reform

9 February 2024 Make a submission

Public submissions to the vaping and tobacco controls inquiry are due by Friday 29 March 2024.
Public submissions to the vaping and tobacco controls inquiry are due by Friday 29 March 2024.

The lived experiences and views of young Victorians will be vital to a new parliamentary inquiry looking at vaping and tobacco controls in Victoria.

The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) has launched the public submission phase of its probe and wants to hear from all interested stakeholders, including youth.

‘Our Committee will conduct public hearings so we can listen directly to the relevant authorities and experts,’ Committee Chair Sarah Connolly said.

‘We’re also looking at holding a youth roundtable, similar to what we did for our 2023 inquiry into liquor and gambling.’

About two dozen young Victorians from ages 18-30 attended Parliament House and discussed issues which matter most to them directly with members of the Committee.

The input was considered as evidence and reflected in the report tabled in November 2023.

Similar to alcohol and gambling, vaping and tobacco use features in the lives of a high proportion of young Victorians.

PAEC is scrutinising efforts to prevent and reduce the harms related to these activities.

‘Unlike other Australian jurisdictions, Victoria doesn’t have a licensing system for the sale of tobacco and e-cigarettes,’ Ms Connolly said.

‘We’ll be looking at the adequacy of State and Commonwealth legislation, as well as regulatory and administrative frameworks to see if more can be done to minimise harm.’

The inquiry is evaluating the associated financial, health, social and environmental effects of tobacco and e-cigarette use on the wider community.

It is also examining the causes and consequences of the illicit tobacco and e-cigarette industry in Victoria and how it impacts the state’s justice system.

To make a submission and to find out more about the inquiry go to the Committee’s website.