Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Questions without notice and ministers statements

Ministers statements: men’s sheds


Ministers statements: men’s sheds

Lizzie BLANDTHORN (Western Metropolitan – Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers, Minister for Child Protection and Family Services) (12:18): I rise to update the house on the vital support that men’s sheds are providing Victorians. This government is proud to partner with men’s sheds. We recognise the significant contribution men’s sheds make in enhancing the health and wellbeing of men in Victoria and the positive flow-on effects for communities. Men’s sheds are places that enable men to work side by side on projects of interest and to share skills and experiences while giving back to their community. They provide a space for men to connect to their community through shared interests, working together on joint projects and learning and teaching new skills. They also play an important role in communities experiencing social and economic change and assist communities to recover after a natural disaster.

There are now more than 360 men’s sheds across Victoria, and we are proud to provide $1 million to support men’s sheds each year. Since 2015 this government has provided 459 grants to men’s sheds across Victoria, and through this commitment 30 men’s sheds were funded through the 2022–23 program to construct a new shed or refurbish or extend their existing shed.

As just one example of the important work men’s sheds do, I would like to talk about the important work of Belgrave Men’s Shed for their local community and wildlife. The Belgrave Men’s Shed is supporting local wildlife by creating rosella nesting boxes for the locals to use. The men’s shed members have built 20 nesting boxes with materials supplied by Yarra Ranges council from storm-damaged areas. These nesting boxes have been displayed at the Belgrave Library, and these can be used as habitat for birds awaiting the regrowth of storm-affected tree hollows. In Tatura, members of the men’s shed stepped in to assist with the labour to securely install unique Indigenous artwork – a project which allowed the community to come together and provide a significant asset for their town. It is examples like these that demonstrate the important role that men’s sheds have for our communities, and this government is proud to continue to support men’s sheds.