Wednesday, 17 May 2023


Mildura Base Public Hospital

Mildura Base Public Hospital

Wendy LOVELL (Northern Victoria) (17:50): (222) My adjournment matter is directed to the Treasurer, and it concerns funding to deliver a new Mildura Base Public Hospital for the people of Sunraysia and the north-west. The action that I seek is for the Treasurer to ensure that the 2023–24 state budget includes a funding commitment to construct a new world-class Mildura Base Public Hospital that will deliver better health services for the Sunraysia community.

The continued ignorance displayed by the Andrews Labor government towards the health needs of the Sunraysia community is nothing short of disgraceful. It seems as if the Andrews Labor government has forgotten the Mildura base hospital even exists. The people of the north-west have waited patiently for the release of the Mallee health plan, a document that it was promised would articulate Labor’s plans to deliver a new hospital, which is so badly needed. Excuse after excuse for the delay was offered up, first by former health minister Mr Foley and then by the current health minister Ms Thomas. Then during the election campaign the people of Mildura watched as Labor announced funding for other regional hospitals but nothing for them. In the end voters became fed up with Labor’s inaction and ditched the Labor-voting independent member, replacing her with a coalition member at the last state election. This result was the local community sending the Premier and his government the message that they both need and want a new hospital.

What is in no doubt is the wonderful work of staff at the current Mildura hospital, who care for their community whilst working in a facility that no longer meets the health needs of the region. In the last 12 months the Mildura Base Public Hospital has experienced a code yellow: unable to meet patient demand due to maximum capacity being reached. Patient wait times have exceeded 12 hours. This is unacceptable, because patients do not have the choice to go to another hospital due to their remote location. In contrast to the Liberal and National coalition election commitment of $750 million to construct a new Mildura Base Public Hospital, the Andrews Labor government has no plans and has committed nothing. The Treasurer has a chance to rectify this in the upcoming state budget. The current hospital no longer meets the health needs of the Sunraysia community, and a new world-class hospital needs to be built. I urge the Treasurer to include in the budget an appropriate funding commitment that will deliver a new Mildura Base Public Hospital, which the people of the north-west both need and deserve.