Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Questions without notice and ministers statements

Written responses

Georgie Crozier, Jaclyn Symes interjected., David Davis

Written responses

The PRESIDENT (12:28): Can I thank Minister Blandthorn, who will get responses for Mr Puglielli from the Minister for Housing to both questions that he proposed, the supplementary and the substantive; and Minister Shing, public transport, both Ms Copsey’s substantive and supplementary questions, And the Attorney-General committed to getting Ms Crozier a response under the standing orders.

Georgie Crozier: On a point of order, President, on that very matter that you have just raised, the undertaking I think from the minister was that she would provide how much investment has been put into the system. My question was how much additional funding is required, so I would ask that the minister respond to that specific question.

The PRESIDENT: That was the supplementary, which I believe the minister did answer.

Jaclyn Symes interjected.

The PRESIDENT: The minister will respond to what you have actually asked for in Hansard.

David Davis: On a point of order, President, my first question dealt with the date of a briefing to the minister. She simply did not answer the question – 22 December; she needs to either confirm it or not.

The PRESIDENT: I believe she did answer the question. I think she said she had had a number of different briefings. I believe she did address the question.