Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Constituency questions

Northern Metropolitan Region

Northern Metropolitan Region

Ms PATTEN (Northern Metropolitan) (1857)

Incorporated pursuant to order of Council of 7 September 2021:

My constituency question is for the Minister for Education and relates to Glenroy College.

Glenroy College has faced declining enrolments since 2014, with current enrolments lower than the state average. This directly impacts school funding and the curriculum, with the school currently unable to deliver the full suite of subjects provided at most other secondary schools.

My constituent is a concerned local resident who believes that these declining enrolments are a direct product of substandard facilities at the school.

In the 2019–20 budget there was $9.2 million to replace dilapidated facilities at Glenroy College. But one might rightly ask whether replacing dilapidated facilities should really be considered a building upgrade or just maintenance money required to bring that section of the campus up to the minimum acceptable standard.

So my constituent asks: can the minister detail what they are planning for Glenroy College?