Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Constituency questions

Western Victoria Region

Western Victoria Region

Mr GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (1856)

Incorporated pursuant to order of Council of 7 September 2021:

My question is to the Minister for Fishing and Boating in the other place.

The St Leonards Pier is an iconic Bellarine landmark. During the warmer months, and occasionally in the cooler months, the pier is bustling with locals and tourists enjoying a walk, going for a fish or simply relaxing.

There is much more to do while visiting the pier. There is a great beach, children’s playground, plenty of parking and it’s less than 100 metres from the main street.

Unfortunately, the pier is in a bad way with Parks Victoria assessing the pier as failing. The community rallied and made enough noise to secure funding for short-term repairs. This was welcomed by everyone. However, it will only kick the can down the road. I’ve been contacted by constituents to help save the pier.

The pier is in desperate need for secure, long-term funding to ensure it will be safe to use for generations to come.

Minister, will you commit to long-term funding to upgrade and maintain the St Leonards Pier?