Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Questions without notice and ministers statements

Written responses

Ms Crozier, Ms Symes interjected., Ms Symes, Mr Davis

Written responses

The PRESIDENT (12:08): Regarding questions and answers today: Dr Cumming to housing, Ms Stitt, question and supplementary, two days; Mr Finn to the Premier, Ms Symes, two days, question and supplementary; Dr Ratnam to consumer affairs, Mr Leane, two days, question and supplementary; and Mr Quilty to police, two days, Ms Tierney, question and supplementary.

Ms Crozier: On a point of order, President, I know that the Attorney was not in the house last sitting week, but in the previous sitting week, when I was asking a question on ESTA regarding Mr David Edwards, she told the house that she had written to him.

Ms Symes interjected.

Ms Crozier: Yes, you did. It is in Hansard, Minister. You are nodding your head.

The PRESIDENT: Your point of order?

Ms Crozier: Mr Edwards has never received anything from the minister, so I would like an explanation. If she is saying she has written to him—

Ms Symes interjected.

Ms Crozier: How, did you say?

Ms Symes: Via the federal member, who wrote to me on his behalf.

Ms Crozier: That is not directly to him. You said you wrote directly to him, in Hansard, if I may quote it.

The PRESIDENT: I have to interrupt. I am sorry, but this really is not acceptable. Give me your point of order, and then I will call the minister. Your point of order, please, without debate. Minister, have you got the point?

Ms Symes: I do not really think it is a point of order, but I will get a copy of the letter for Ms Crozier.

Mr Davis: On a point of order, President, on the question I asked the Attorney-General regarding the department of justice, I asked very simply whether she would cooperate with the Ombudsman fully, and she did not actually answer that.

The PRESIDENT: That was for Minister Symes, and I believe the minister answered your question.