Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Constituency questions

Southern Metropolitan Region

Southern Metropolitan Region

Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) (12:17): (1852) My constituency matter is to the Attorney-General, and it relates to Penny Van Den Berg. Penny is a trauma nurse at the Alfred. She is also a single mother. On 1 May she had her car stolen. During the 24 hours when these low-lives took her car, they ran a red light, doing more than 30 kilometres over the speed limit. Fines Victoria through VicRoads has cancelled Penny’s licence due to the car going through the red light. The car has been written off, and now she has gone to the Magistrates Court to see if she can get her licence reinstated, as was advised. They told Penny that it would take three or four weeks to have her licence reinstated. It is over seven weeks ago that this happened. Penny is the victim here, and she has had no action from anyone inside government or inside the bureaucracy to get her licence back. I ask that the Attorney immediately intervene in this case and ensure that Penny has her licence returned.

The PRESIDENT: Will the minister.

Ms CROZIER: Sorry. Will the minister immediately intervene to see that Penny can have her licence returned?