Tuesday, 20 December 2022


Deputy Speaker


Deputy Speaker


Anthony CARBINES (Ivanhoe – Minister for Police, Minister for Crime Prevention, Minister for Racing) (11:43): I propose the inaugural member for Ashwood, Matt Fregon, as Deputy Speaker. He served the previous Parliament as the member for Mount Waverley. He served on several committees, including the Standing Orders Committee and the House Committee, and of course he was Deputy Government Whip as the member for Mount Waverley.

I say the member for Ashwood is well acquainted with the forms, practices and procedures of the house. As you, Speaker, touched on respect, I would add that respect is something that is earned; it is not demanded. Respect is something that the member for Ashwood has in spades from members across the chamber, I would like to think, and we will put that to the test shortly. I am very pleased to say that I am sure he will serve as an impartial officer of the Parliament, and I move:

That the member for Ashwood be appointed Deputy Speaker of this house.

The SPEAKER: Who seconds this motion?

Sarah CONNOLLY (Laverton) (11:43): I second this motion.

The SPEAKER: Does the member for Ashwood accept the nomination?

Matt FREGON (Ashwood) (11:44): I am honoured to accept the nomination.

The Speaker declared the member for Ashwood duly elected as Deputy Speaker.

Daniel ANDREWS (Mulgrave – Premier) (11:45): I inform the house that the Governor will be pleased to receive the Speaker in the library, Parliament House, at 1:20 pm today. Members who wish to meet the Governor can assemble in the library corridor at 1:35 pm today.

The SPEAKER: The house is now suspended, and I will resume the chair at 2 pm.

Sitting suspended 11:45 am until 2:01 pm.

The SPEAKER resumed the chair, read the prayer and made an acknowledgement of country.