Tuesday, 20 December 2022


Melbourne Airport rail link

Melbourne Airport rail link

Sarah CONNOLLY (Laverton) (19:30): (4) My adjournment is for the Deputy Premier and Minister for Transport and Infrastructure. The action I seek is that the minister updates me on the works that are currently underway on the Melbourne airport rail project, now branded as SRL Airport. As the minister knows, SRL Airport is one of the biggest infrastructure projects that our government has undertaken in Melbourne’s west. For folks in my electorate in the Sunshine area this project is going to bring a lot of change, and with those changes will come tremendous opportunities.

When I was on the campaign trail this year meeting constituents, the project was actually a highlight of those discussions. Folks in the west and definitely beyond want to see a rail line to the airport become a reality. They know it means fewer cars on our roads and freeways, greater ease of travel to the airport and more and more options to travel into the city. It is something that Melbourne has waited a very long time for, and we are getting on and delivering it before the end of the decade.

As the new name now suggests, this rail link will also form part of our government’s monumental Suburban Rail Loop project, linking folks in the west with the rest of Melbourne via the rail loop. An update from the minister on where we are at with this project now that works have started will be warmly welcomed by my constituents in the Laverton electorate, where these works will be taking place.