Tuesday, 20 December 2022




Melissa HORNE (Williamstown – Minister for Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, Minister for Local Government, Minister for Ports and Freight, Minister for Roads and Road Safety) (19:43): Thank you very much, Deputy Speaker, and I too would like to add my congratulations on your elevation. Before we adjourn I would also like to thank the parliamentary clerks and all the staff of the Parliament for getting us through what feels like a considerably long year. Thank you very much –

Members interjecting.

Melissa HORNE: ‘Interminable’ actually is the way that I was describing it a little earlier today, but nevertheless we are almost there.

The member for Gippsland South and the member for Brunswick raised matters – very polarising matters – for the Minister for Agriculture. We had the member for Bentleigh raise a matter for the Minister for Ambulance Services. The members for Berwick, Laverton, Sandringham and Ringwood raised matters for the Deputy Premier. The member for Narre Warren South and also the member for Caulfield raised matters for the Minister for Education, and the member for Cranbourne raised a matter for the Minister for Health.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The house is now adjourned.

House adjourned 7:44 pm until Tuesday 7 February 2023.