Thursday, 1 June 2023

Questions without notice and ministers statements

Written responses

Melina Bath, Georgie Crozier

Written responses

The PRESIDENT (12:28): Minister Stitt will get Mrs Deeming answers from the Minister for Education for both her questions, under the standing orders; and Minister Blandthorn, a similar thing with the Minister for Health for Mrs Tyrrell for both her questions.

Melina Bath: On a point of order, President, my substantive question to the Minister for Agriculture was not answered in any detail at all about the full-time equivalent positions for mental health services in those particular regions.

The PRESIDENT: Thank you, Ms Bath. I will review that. At the time I thought the minister was being relevant to the preamble and the question, but I will review that and get back to the house as soon as possible.

Georgie Crozier: President, could I just seek some clarification from the minister in relation to those figures that she will provide to the house. Is that correct? Will she provide them? I have looked at the IGEM’s website, and the reports relate to COVID-related issues but there is none of what I was asking for. I am just wondering if that can be reviewed and those average wait times can be provided to the house.

The PRESIDENT: I think the minister was pretty clear on who is responsible for that data and when it may be available, so I took that as an answer.