Thursday, 23 June 2022

Constituency questions

Southern Metropolitan Region

Southern Metropolitan Region

Mr DAVIS (Southern Metropolitan—Leader of the Opposition) (12:51): (1877) My matter is for the attention of the Minister for Transport Infrastructure, and it is on a long-running issue with the Surrey Hills and Mont Albert level crossing removal project. I am in possession of correspondence from Susannah Aumann in Mont Albert, and she makes very good points about the process that operated at these crossings and the failure of the Level Crossing Removal Project to properly engage with the community and the failure of the LXRP to honestly engage with the community. She goes through in great detail the time line and the sequence of this project. You know, the truth is that the community has been ridden over roughshod by the minister, almost certainly in breach of the requirements for honest engagement under the Public Administration Act 2004. I ask that she have this matter reviewed. Will you have this matter reviewed to ensure that these overreaches and lack of consultation do not occur again?

Mrs McArthur: On a point of order, President, I just want to raise the issue of unanswered questions, if possible. Question on notice number 4925—

The PRESIDENT: Not questions on notice, Mrs McArthur.

Mrs McArthur: Only constituency questions, okay. Number 1495 was due on 11 November last year from the Minister for Health, number 1569 was due on 16 December last year from the Minister for Health, number 1644 was due in March this year from the Attorney-General and number 1720 was due 7 April this year from the Attorney-General.

The PRESIDENT: Thank you for raising that, but, as you know, I do not have any power to do anything about it.