Thursday, 23 June 2022

Questions without notice and ministers statements

Written responses

Mr Davis, Mr Gepp

Written responses

The PRESIDENT (12:38): Regarding questions and answers today: Dr Cumming to transport, Ms Pulford, question and supplementary, two days; Mr Hayes to Ms Symes, two days, question and supplementary; Mr Meddick to racing, Ms Pulford, two days, question and supplementary; Mr Bourman to environment, Mr Leane, two days, question and supplementary; and Mr Barton to the Assistant Treasurer, Ms Symes, two days, question and supplementary.

Mr Davis: On a point of order, President, the questions to Ms Stitt, which sought specific answers about the amount of money allocated to capital and another relating to funding for workforce, were not answered at all. There was no number given. The number was sought.

The PRESIDENT: Mr Davis, I was listening very carefully to Ms Stitt. She indicated some numbers and she indicated that she cannot talk about the individuals, so I was happy with the answer.

Mr Davis: On the point of order, President, I wonder, in good faith, whether you might just look at the transcript, because she gave a general number. She gave no specific number for the not-for-profit sector.

Mr Gepp: On the point of order, President, this is becoming a bit of a theme, a bit of a pattern, in this place, where the standing orders are being abused by, I would suggest, Mr Davis, where after every question time he seeks to get to his feet and repeat the question because he did not like the answer that a minister has given. He understands fully that the Chair is not able to direct the minister on how to answer. Secondly, President, as you were ruling, he was yelling out.

The PRESIDENT: Thank you, Mr Gepp. We are into debate now, and I am not going to accept that. I have ruled on the point of order. Mr Davis has got the right to ask me if we can check Hansard. I have already ruled on it, Mr Davis, but I am happy to do it, for the last time.