Tuesday, 7 June 2022


Melton electorate schools

Melton electorate schools

Mr McGHIE (Melton) (19:12): (6401) My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Education. The Melton community is one of the fastest growing communities in the nation, with Melton’s population expected to hit the size of Canberra’s by 2036–37. This exponential growth that Melton is experiencing is also manifested in our schools. This year’s budget looks to addressing this growth with a massive investment in our schools.

The community in Cobblebank are overjoyed—not only has the new Strathtulloh Primary School opened this year for students, they now have learned that land will be acquired in the Cobblebank area for a new secondary school. This will relieve the pressure on our existing secondary schools as well as reduce traffic congestion, as students can access education closer to where they live. This will also be the case for the new Toolern Waters primary school. Once again this budget delivers, with the announcement that land will be acquired in the Weir Views area for a new primary school. Also announced was that the Brookfield primary school will receive a share of $527.23 million for new school construction to deliver a new primary school, opening in 2024, for 575 students, including 50 places for students with disability. The inclusion of this new school as one of the 100 new schools brought forward in this budget is simply fantastic.

This investment in new schools is welcome in Melton, but of course this was not all that was delivered in Melton this year. Staughton College students in Melton South welcomed the Minister for Education as he toured the newly built improvements like the new gymnasium. They were excited to learn that a massive $31.77 million was allocated to upgrade and modernise the school, including replacing existing temporary facilities and adding an additional 400 spaces in permanent facilities to meet growing demand. This is a huge investment, and principal David Lord thought we had put the decimal point in the wrong place when we broke the news to him. The students at Darley Primary School were equally excited with the minister’s announcement of $10.68 million for their upgrades and modernisation.

With all this exciting news of investment in our growing communities, many constituents are excited. Minister, the action I seek is: what are the next steps for these important investments being delivered to the Melton electorate?