Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Constituency questions

Rowville electorate

Rowville electorate

Mr WELLS (Rowville) (14:44): (6390) My question is to the Premier. Premier, what lessons were you suggesting patients learn when I asked about Adrian, a cancer patient from Rowville who endured huge delays at Monash Medical Centre after a stroke, and you replied:

This patient and others like him may well learn from what occurred to him.

It is heartless to say Adrian should learn from having a stroke or from waiting hours for medical care in a hospital bed. Adrian’s family are not comforted by your lecture. No-one listened when they pleaded for Adrian to have an MRI. Adrian’s oncologist at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre confirmed an MRI should have been run to check for cancer in his brain. It is callous to suggest Adrian and his family could have done more. When staff at Monash Medical Centre are so overwhelmed they cannot treat even 20 per cent of serious category 2 patients in the recommended time, it is time your government listened to patients like Adrian instead of blaming them.