Thursday, 9 February 2023




Gayle TIERNEY (Western Victoria – Minister for Training and Skills, Minister for Higher Education, Minister for Agriculture) (17:53): This evening there were 11 matters raised in the adjournment debate, and all of those matters, ranging from health, gaming, roads, woodchopping, pokies, emergency services, state funerals, extended ground pole replacement funds, raising the age and child protection, will be referred to the relevant ministers.

Just in terms of making a comment with respect to woodchopping, Ms Bath, yes, it is true my office, along with many other people, would have received some correspondence in relation to this matter, in particular from members of the Victorian Axemen’s Council. My office is, with the department, processing that correspondence. I take this opportunity to acknowledge the advocacy of the stakeholders that are contacting the office at the moment, and we will be able to have a clearer situation shortly. Can I also say that this is a consequence of the timber shortage that we have. There are obviously impacts on the industry and on workers and families, but there are consequential impacts that some people had not even thought of that are coming up as well, and we are dealing with them as they come to us.

The PRESIDENT: The house stands adjourned.

House adjourned 5:55 pm.