Thursday, 9 February 2023

Questions without notice and ministers statements

Firearms regulation


Firearms regulation

Jeff BOURMAN (Eastern Victoria) (12:31): (30) My question today is for the minister representing the Minister for Police in the other place. The tragic murder of two police officers in Queensland recently exposed a deep flaw in data sharing between New South Wales police and Queensland police in that the offenders were well known to New South Wales police but the data never made it to Queensland police, ending in the tragedy. There is already a technical solution to data sharing between firearms registries – at great expense, I might add – that enables law-abiding shooters to be able to legally and safely sell and transport firearms around Australia. It also allows intelligence about criminals and firearms to be shared. National cabinet has now announced it is investigating whether a central firearms database is going to be created, presumably to be held in Canberra. Given that it is supported by the Nationals and their coalition partners, I suppose it is destined to happen. My question is: what instrument of power is the Victorian government going to use to surrender some of its right as a state to the Commonwealth government to make this happen?

Enver ERDOGAN (Northern Metropolitan – Minister for Corrections, Minister for Youth Justice, Minister for Victim Support) (12:32): I thank Mr Bourman for his question and interest in this matter. In line with the practices of this place, I will take that question on notice and seek a response from the relevant minister, Minister Carbines, as set out in our standing orders.

Jeff BOURMAN (Eastern Victoria) (12:32): I thank the minister for his answer. I have been critical of LRD previously and its need for more resources and to take a more balanced approach on some issues, but I also acknowledge that it is the clear leader amongst the registries nationwide and we really do have something to lose. What specifically is the minister going to do to ensure we do not end up being dragged down to the level of the other registries and that the customers of Victoria Police LRD receive at least the same standard of service as they get currently?

Enver ERDOGAN (Northern Metropolitan – Minister for Corrections, Minister for Youth Justice, Minister for Victim Support) (12:33): I thank the member for their question and interest with their supplementary question. I will ensure that the supplementary question is also passed on to the minister in the other place and you get a written response in accordance with our standing orders.