Thursday, 9 February 2023

Questions without notice and ministers statements

Written responses

Georgie Crozier, David Davis, Harriet Shing

Written responses

The PRESIDENT (12:48): Can I thank Minister Erdogan, who will get Mr Bourman written responses from the Minister for Police in line with the standing orders. Can I ask Minister Blandthorn to get Mr Bach a written response for his substantive question – the first question, not the supplementary. And can I thank the Leader of the Government, who will get Mr Puglielli responses from the Minister for Mental Health.

Georgie Crozier: On a point of order, President, in relation to the initial issue that Mr Davis raised regarding Minister Shing and failure to provide a written response, I am just wondering if the minister could provide a written response to Mr Davis’s questions and just –

David Davis: She has.

Georgie Crozier: Oh, she has? Thank you.

The PRESIDENT: I will call the minister if she wishes to give a response.

Harriet Shing: On the point of order, President, for the sake of clarity and to address the issue that was raised by Mr Davis at the outset, the answer to the question was in fact lodged in the course of question time. So thank you for raising that, Mr Davis, and the answer as put, for avoidance of any doubt, was 15 December.

David Davis: On a separate point of order, President, relating to the same matter and the same answer – I now have the answer; I thank the minister for the answer – both the substantive and the supplementary question were put to the minister for re-answering by you yesterday. The first question was on what date were you aware –

The PRESIDENT: No, Mr Davis. You can email me if you believe a written response has not been adequate and we can go through a process from there. Please do that and we will go from there. That is the process.