Wednesday, 22 February 2023

Statements on parliamentary committee reports

Integrity and Oversight Committee

Integrity and Oversight Committee

Performance of the Victorian Integrity Agencies 2020/21: Focus on Witness Welfare

Nina TAYLOR (Albert Park) (10:27): I am pleased to speak to the Integrity and Oversight Committee’s Performance of the Integrity Agencies 2020/21: Focus on Witness Welfare report. I will just perhaps draw the attention of the chamber to and perhaps echo some of the sentiments of my learned colleague the member for Narre Warren North that the IOC –

A member interjected.

Nina TAYLOR: South, pardon me. I am conflating, aren’t I? I am very sorry about that. I had better get my norths and souths right. Anyway, the IOC is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the performance of the duties and functions of four of Victoria’s leading integrity agencies. I think it is always important to adhere to the fundamental purpose and the premise for committees doing this very important and serious work and the rules and regulations that help ensure that the reports that are delivered are meeting the expectations of the Parliament. I would on that note like to, before turning further to the report, acknowledge the valuable contributions of the previous chairs of this committee Steve McGhie MP, the Honourable Jill Hennessy MP, the Honourable Harriet Shing MLC and Dustin Halse MP. In particular it should be recognised that much of the work –

Members interjecting.

Nina TAYLOR: Well, this is actually serious subject matter. If there are those members of the opposition that wish to be jocular in this situation, they can choose to do so, but I see it as serious subject matter. It should be recognised that much of the work upon which this report is based was completed during Harriet Shing’s tenure. I should reiterate that the report reviews the performance of the agencies during 2020 and 2021, focusing on their management of the welfare of witnesses and others involved in their investigations. I note having looked into various matters that were considered that it was a very, very thorough process indeed in enabling the proper and appropriate compilation of this very detailed report. I commend all those who participated in contributing to the outcome of this report and also the very hard work of the secretariat.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: I remind members to use correct titles for current members, please.