Wednesday, 22 February 2023


Joint select committee


Joint select committee

Brad ROWSWELL (Sandringham) (09:40): I desire to move, by leave:


A joint select committee be appointed to inquire into, consider and report to the Parliament by 30 November 2023 on the systemic sexual abuse of children in Victorian government schools, including:

the practices, policies and protocols in Victorian government schools for responding to allegations of sexual abuse of children, including measures put in place to respond to concerns about sexual abuse in those schools;

a proposal on how the government should provide an appropriate institutional response to the matters considered.

(2) In undertaking the inquiry, the committee should not encroach upon the responsibilities of investigatory agencies or the courts in relation to particular cases, nor prejudice the conduct or outcome of investigations or court proceedings.

(3) Such committee to consist of four members from the Legislative Assembly nominated by the Leader of the House and the Manager of Opposition Business and three members from the Legislative Council nominated by the Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council and the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council; and that the overall composition of the committee should be not more than three government members, three opposition members, and one crossbench member.

(4) The members to be appointed by lodgement of the names with the Speaker and President no later than 24 March 2023.

(5) A message be sent to the Legislative Council requesting their agreement.

Leave refused.

Brad ROWSWELL: I request that the motion that I have just read be listed on the notice paper.