Public Accounts and Estimates

The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee is a joint investigatory committee of the Parliament of Victoria. In the 58th Parliament, its members were appointed on 16 April 2015.

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Latest News

Committee Chair Danny Pearson talks about the Budget Estimates Hearings


The State Budget's journey through Parliament

Parliamentary control of the public purse is fundamental to responsible government. One of the main functions of the Victorian Parliament is to grant the state government the authority to spend money on services such as hospitals and police; and capital works such as freeways and schools.

The state government prepares a state budget each year. Essentially this is the government’s spending plan (also known as estimates). Click here to find out more about this process and the role played by the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee.

State Budget Briefing Seminar 2017

The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hosted a State Budget briefing at Parliament House on Wednesday 10 May.
David Martine, the Department of Treasury and Finance Secretary delivered a presentation and answered questions from MPs.

 David Martin Budget Briefting Seminar 2017

Latest Inquiries
Inquiry into the 2017-18 Budget Estimates
Inquiry into 2016-17 Financial and Performance Outcomes