Public Accounts and Estimates Committee

Inquiry into the Impact on Victorian Government Service Delivery of changes to National Partnership Agreements


Received from the Legislative Assembly on 5 May 2015:

To the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee — for inquiry, consideration and report no later than 1 December 2015 on the impact on Victorian Government service delivery of changes to National Partnership Agreements and, in particular, the Committee is required to:

  1. identify and report on funding levels and any additional services the Victorian Government provides or has provided as a result of all National Partnership Agreements entered into since the 2008 Intergovernmental Agreement on Federal Financial Relations was entered into;
  2. examine all expiring, lapsing or amended National Partnership Agreements and the resulting changes to service delivery that have occurred or will occur in health, education, homeless services and legal assistance, and any other area of service delivery the Committee sees as relevant to the inquiry;
  3. identify any risks associated with the changes to service delivery referred to in paragraph (b); and
  4. determine the impact of the changes referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b) on cost of living for Victorians, in particular, concession card holders