Integrity and Oversight Committee

The Committee is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the performance of the following agencies: 

  • Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) 
  • The Victorian Ombudsman (VO)
  • Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC)
  • The Victorian Inspectorate (VI)

As part of the Integrity and Oversight Committee’s monitoring and review of the performance of IBAC, the VO, OVIC and the VI, it can:

  • examine the agencies’ reports, including annual reports
  • report to Parliament in relation to the agencies’ performance of their duties and functions
  • undertake inquiries into issues related to the work of the agencies and make recommendations for improvements
  • review the draft annual plans and budgets of IBAC, the VO and the VI
  • recommend to Parliament the appointment of an independent performance auditor and coordinate the conduct of a performance audit of IBAC, the VO and the VI at least once every four years
  • receive complaints about the agencies. (Note that while the Integrity and Oversight Committee can, in limited circumstances, investigate complaints about the Information Commissioner and OVIC under the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003 (Vic), it does not have the power to investigate complaints about IBAC, the VO or the VI. It is also prohibited from reconsidering decisions, findings or recommendations made by IBAC, the VO, OVIC or the VI.) For more information on complaints, consult the IOC complaint fact sheet.
  • receive, assess and investigate public interest disclosures (PIDs) about the VI or a VI officer under the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012 (Vic). For more information, consult the PID procedures and flow chart.