Tuesday, 16 May 2023

Questions without notice and ministers statements

Ministers statements: senior secondary education


Ministers statements: senior secondary education

Natalie HUTCHINS (Sydenham – Minister for Education, Minister for Women) (14:23): I rise to update the house on this government’s investment in education, very proudly. Not only are we reforming climate change action but we are also reforming our senior secondary education to create the leaders of the future. And in this Education Week we are celebrating how the new One VCE is transforming how we support the passions and aspirations of future pathways of our young people to get jobs in tech, clean energy and sustainability.

Whether students study VCE, VCE vocational major or VET pathways, there are meaningful pathways into careers that we know kids are very passionate about. We know that bringing back the State Electricity Commission will require us to find and train the next generation of tradespeople; whether that is maintenance workers, electricians, painters, welders, mechanics or tech specialists, we know we are going to need them. And that is why from 2024 we are introducing a new clean energy pathway into our VCE vocational major. This is a popular topic for students; when I go to schools or techs I am always approached by students about this. Additionally, 10,000 senior secondary school students will get an opportunity to do some work experience in the clean energy sector and make a tangible contribution to reducing emissions.

Now, I know those opposite would rather go nuclear with their policies – I am not quite sure if that is a description of their policies or the actions of their party rooms – but a clean energy future has been a feature of my recent visits to the Trades Fit expo, an expo for girls in trades, and the Morwell tech school, and I have seen firsthand students getting involved in hydrogen, in solar panels and in renewables. I know that our teachers and our VET educators are doing what they can to support students and encourage them in their future careers in clean energy.