Tuesday, 16 May 2023

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Cape Conran boat ramp

Cape Conran boat ramp

Tim BULL (Gippsland East) (13:12): Another matter I want to raise is in relation to the Cape Conran boat ramp. The new ramp has been very well received, but we have got a bit of a problem there at low tide. When you are getting on or off the boat it is a long way up to the jetty, and a number of –

A member: Is that from personal experience?

Tim BULL: Yes, for old blokes like me it is a bit difficult. So we have had a number of requests from the community to install ladders on the jetty to enable boaters to get in and out of their boats at low tide. I have heard that Better Boating Victoria are quite supportive of this, but it is running into a few roadblocks, and I would hope that it is not another Parks Victoria hold-up. I encourage that to occur.