New paper assesses Parliament’s independence

Independence of parliament, library researchThe Parliamentary Library has published a new paper on how Parliament is faring in maintaining its independence from Executive Government.

“Victoria’s system of responsible government relies on the separation of powers and having an independent Parliament, where protocols ensure that the concentration of power is not in the hands of any single person, institution or branch of government,” the research paper states.

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Parliamentary Library Fellowships announced

2017 fellows Dr Marilyn McMahon from Deakin University and Dr Brian Coffey from RMIT University have been appointed Parliamentary Library Fellows for 2017.

Dr McMahon is Associate Professor (Criminal Law) at the School of Law, Deakin University. Her research topic is: ‘No bail, more jail? Can we protect the community without further increasing the Victorian prison population?’

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Digital records expanded

LC Digital RecordsThe Victorian Parliament’s collection of digital resources has been expanded with the Legislative Council’s complete minutes of proceedings now available online.

Stretching back to the very first Victorian Parliament in 1856, the minutes record the decisions taken by the Council during the Parliament’s 160-year history.

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Legislative Council opens up to e‑petitions

E-petitionsThe Legislative Council has introduced e‑petitions, providing a 21st century update for a longstanding parliamentary tradition.

Petitions are an important part of the democratic process as they allow community members to raise issues directly with parliamentarians.

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