Wednesday, 22 February 2023


LGBTQIA+ equality

LGBTQIA+ equality

Aiv PUGLIELLI (North-Eastern Metropolitan) (17:36): (51) I have been reflecting on some of the opinions that were raised here in the chamber yesterday, in particular some of the transphobic, vile opinions that were aired last night by a member of the Liberal Party. I will never understand how some politicians can get elected to this place –

Georgie Crozier: On a point of order, President, that is a member reflecting on another member of the house. It is unparliamentary, and I would ask the member to withdraw.

The PRESIDENT: Mr Puglielli, there are a couple of issues. One of them is I am not too sure who you are directing your adjournment matter to, and the other issue is, if you want to make an accusation against a sitting member, you need to do that via a substantive motion. I will just give you that advice and call you again.

Aiv PUGLIELLI: I will start by withdrawing the comment. The action I seek is for the Minister for Equality to meet with me and representatives of our trans and gender-diverse community to discuss ways to fight back against transphobia and hate towards the LGBTQIA+ community. To those in our community who peddle hate and bile meant to divide the community for cheap political points, I note that we must all remember, as I said in my first speech, particularly for those in this place, that it is a privilege and an honour to be here and that we have to live up to that. What we say matters because our voices have impact. I ask for us all to have some respect and have some humanity. And if the only way that we can think of to find relevance in this place is by targeting trans people, then I say maybe in that case just retire.