Wednesday, 22 February 2023


Parliamentary committees


Parliamentary committees


Jaclyn SYMES (Northern Victoria – Attorney-General, Minister for Emergency Services) (17:10): Further, I move, by leave:


(1) members be appointed to joint committees as follows:

(a) Electoral Matters Committee – Mr Ettershank, Mr Mulholland and Mr Tarlamis;

(b) Integrity and Oversight Committee – Mr Batchelor;

(c) Public Accounts and Estimates Committee – Mr Galea, Mr McGowan and Mrs McArthur;

(d) Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee – Ms Payne;

(e) Dispute Resolution Committee – Ms Blandthorn, Mr Davis, Mr Ettershank, Ms Lovell and Ms Symes;

(f) House Committee – Mr Bourman, Mr Davis, Mr Erdogan, Ms Payne and Ms Stitt;

(2) members be appointed to Council committees as follows:

(a) Privileges Committee – Dr Bach, Ms Blandthorn, Mr Bourman, Ms Crozier, Ms Lovell, Ms Shing and Ms Tierney;

(b) Procedure Committee – President, Dr Bach, Ms Crozier, Mr Erdogan, Ms Lovell, Ms Symes and Ms Terpstra;

(c) Economy and Infrastructure Standing Committee – Mr Berger, Ms Copsey, Mr Davis, Ms Ermacora, Mr Limbrick, Mrs McArthur, Mr McIntosh, Mr Mulholland and Ms Purcell;

(d) Environment and Planning Standing Committee – Mr Batchelor, Ms Bath, Mrs Deeming, Mr Ettershank, Ms Lovell, Dr Ratnam, Ms Terpstra, Mrs Tyrrell and Ms Watt; and

(e) Legal and Social Issues Standing Committee – Dr Bach, Mr Batchelor, Mr Galea, Mr Luu, Mr McCracken, Ms Payne, Mr Puglielli and Mr Tarlamis.

Motion agreed to.