Tuesday, 21 February 2023


Black Forest Drive, Woodend


Black Forest Drive, Woodend

Georgie PURCELL (Northern Victoria) (17:28): (37) My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety in the other place. The action I seek is an assurance that measures to be put in place on Black Forest Drive in Woodend will substantially improve safety for cyclists and do so in a manner consistent with Austroads guidelines. I know this road well and drive on it almost daily. It is a hotspot for near misses, wildlife strikes and collisions. Just last week I met with members of the Macedon Ranges Cycling Club who expressed their concerns about the dangerous road, which is regularly used by cyclists between Gisborne and Woodend. They tragically lost a member of their club cycling on Black Forest Drive in October last year when he was struck by a car from behind. He is not the first cyclist to die on this road.

The government and Regional Roads Victoria are currently considering plans to upgrade and improve Black Forest Drive. Initially there was a proposal to have dedicated bike lanes along the full length of Black Forest Drive. During community presentations, Regional Roads officers made it clear that bike lanes along the full length of Black Forest Drive were a necessary safety measure, they would be going ahead and they were also budgeted for. However, this was reverted to a new proposal for the retention of two vehicle lanes in both directions, with only short and discontinuous provision of bike lanes. This is not consistent with Austroads guidelines, will do nothing to improve rider safety and risks another tragedy occurring. Macedon Ranges cyclists and those who travel to the area for cycling need assurances that safety improvements will be implemented for them to ride on Black Forest Drive. I hope the minister can support this request.