Tuesday, 20 December 2022

Questions without notice and ministers statements

Government performance

Government performance

David LIMBRICK (South-Eastern Metropolitan) (16:35): (6) My question is for the Leader of the Government. As we are all human, humans make mistakes, and as organisations are made up of humans, organisations also make mistakes, including government. So my question to the Leader of the Government is this: what is a mistake that the government made during the last term that they learned from that they are going to apply a different approach to during this term of government – a significant mistake that they might have learned from?

The PRESIDENT: Mr Limbrick, I am happy for you to have another go at the terminology around this minister’s actual responsibility. Maybe you want to have another go at trying to nail it down to the Leader of the Government’s ministerial responsibilities.

David LIMBRICK: What actions has the Leader of the Government in this house taken in her role in cabinet to correct mistakes and change the way that they will act going forward?

The PRESIDENT: I cannot put that question. Sorry, Mr Limbrick.