Tuesday, 20 December 2022


Deputy President

Georgie CROZIER, Jaclyn SYMES, Wendy LOVELL

Deputy President


The PRESIDENT: The house will now elect a Deputy President. Can I ask if there are any nominations.

Georgie CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) (11:35): I nominate Ms Lovell.

The PRESIDENT: Can I have a seconder, please.

Jaclyn SYMES (Northern Victoria – Attorney-General, Minister for Emergency Services) (11:35): I second the nomination.

The PRESIDENT: Ms Lovell, do you accept the nomination?

Wendy LOVELL (Northern Victoria) (11:35): Yes.

The PRESIDENT: Given that there are no other nominations, I declare Ms Wendy Lovell to be elected Deputy President.

I remind members that the Governor will receive me in the north library at 1:25 this afternoon. I ask members to meet in the central library a few minutes before that time in order to accompany me.

Sitting suspended 11:36 am until 2:04 pm.