Library publishes a quick guide to housing in Victoria

17 October 2023 Read the paper

Hear from a panel of renters who addressed the housing and rental affordability inquiry.

What does housing currently look like in Victoria? How many people live in the state, where do they live, what kind of housing do they live in and how affordable is it?

‘Housing in Victoria: A quick guide’, a new publication from the Victoria’s Parliamentary Library, gives a brief overview of these and other questions. 

The paper paints a picture of a rapidly growing state, with corresponding growth in the number of dwellings, but declining numbers of public housing and in the number of homes reported to be owned outright (without a mortgage). 

The proportion of 'private landlord' tenure also increased from 23.43 to 26.22 per cent of households.

Hear landlords addressing the inquiry into housing affordability.

In 2022 Victoria was home to 25.8 per cent of the national population and in the ten-year period from 2011 to 2021 total dwellings increased from just under 2 million to 2.4 million. 

The paper presents data on the complex question of housing affordability in the context of rising interest rates and the rental crisis. 

The paper explores Victoria’s population and housing, changing housing composition and housing affordability. 

It notes also that two parliamentary committees have launched inquiries into the housing market; one exploring the question of stamp duty reform and the other looking at rental and housing affordability more generally. 

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