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Restrict development in Rosanna under Banyule Planning Scheme Amendment C160
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that the Banyule Planning Scheme Amendment C160 and planning permit application P384/2021 in relation to land within the Rosanna railway precinct, does not reflect a form, scale and materiality that responds to the preferred character of Rosanna’s neighbourhood.

The proposal seeks to rezone land from Public Use Zone 4 (Transport) (PUZ4) to Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z), create a new lot by subdivision, develop a seven-storey mixed use building with basement parking, reduce car parking requirements and remove two trees.

The design of the proposed development does not include boundary or edges between the village development or ensure a seamless transition between the two areas. There are no obvious signs of delineation. The development will overshadow nearby residences, overlook private spaces, and increase parking congestion in local streets.

The Rosanna Village Urban Design and Landscape Guidelines, approved and adopted by the Banyule City Council, stipulate predominant built form height of retail form of one to two storeys and preferred contemporary built form height of three to four storeys. These guidelines should be respected and not ignored by the Council, Government, or the Minister for Planning.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to restrict any further development of land within the Rosanna railway precinct under Banyule Planning Scheme Amendment C160 and planning permit application P384/2021 until a maximum building height of four storeys with no reduction to car parking requirements is applied.
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