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Preserve HMAS Otama for Victorian tourism
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that decommissioned submarine, HMAS Otama, is moored in Western Port Bay and is in imminent danger of being lost to Victoria forever.

The Western Port Oberon Association (WPOA) comprises of volunteer members working for over 20 years to promote and preserve the HMAS Otama. Due to the lack of Government support, the HMAS Otama has been left rusting in Western Port Bay, its potential ignored by authorities. The expensive proposal to float the HMAS Otama interstate for scrapping will sound the death knell to a project which has been pursued for many years.

The project to preserve the HMAS Otama deserves Government support. It preserves maritime history and honours those who served with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The HMAS Otama must be preserved for posterity as it is the remaining example of one of two specialist designed ‘Mystery Boats’ fitted for intelligence operations. The other Mystery Boat was ex-HMAS Orion, scrapped in 2006. Preserving the HMAS Otama pays tribute to the two RAN sailors stranded on deck and drowned in August 1987, when it submerged without warning off the Sydney Harbour.

The WPOA volunteers and veterans would undertake management and maintenance of the final display, working with groups such as ‘Soldier On’, to provide important stimulating and emotional support to retired defence force personnel. It will support tourism for the Mornington Peninsula and the eastern side of Victoria, where there is urgent need of Government assistance and stimulus.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to facilitate bringing the decommissioned submarine HMAS Otama ashore and establish a permanent display at Crib Point, in the vicinity of the Crib Point Jetty and Western Port Oberon Association Museum situated at 220 The Esplanade.
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