Public Interest Disclosures

Report improper conduct or detrimental action by Members of Parliament.

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For more information on public interest disclosures, please download the PDF at the link below. 

PDF: Procedures for making a disclosure about a member

What is a public interest disclosure?

A public interest disclosure about a member of Parliament must relate to conduct of a member of Parliament acting in their official capacity (including as a minister).

The alleged conduct must be either:

  • improper conduct (including corruption); or
  • detrimental action taken against any person in reprisal for making a public interest disclosure.

You must have reasonable grounds to believe that there is improper conduct or detrimental action. You must show supporting facts and circumstances.

For a full explanation of what conduct can be reported, please download the PDF above.

Where else can I make a complaint or disclosure?

About a member of Parliament

Complaints or allegations of corruption can be made to the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC). Note that you may not receive the same protections as in Parliament's process. Please see the IBAC website for details.

Criminal conduct by a member of Parliament should be reported to Victoria Police

Visit the IBAC website Contact the police


About another public sector official 

To make a complaint about a public sector officer, other than a member of Parliament, see IBAC.

To make a complaint about a government decision or action, please refer to the Ombudsman

Visit the IBAC website Contact the Ombudsman