Portrait unveiled for historic collection

DenisNapthinePortrait ThumbThe historic Premiers Portraits collection at Parliament House has a new addition after the portrait of Victoria’s 47th Premier, the Hon Dr Denis Napthine, was unveiled.

Painted by accomplished artist Jude Rae, the portrait was unveiled by the President of the Legislative Council, the Hon Bruce Atkinson MLC at a ceremony held in Queen’s Hall.

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New parliamentary interns start work

Library InternsThirty-four new parliamentary interns have been welcomed to Parliament House for an orientation session as they begin their research work.

The students from Melbourne, Monash and Victoria universities are participating in the first semester of this year’s parliamentary internship program.

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Teacher survey on parliamentary education

TeacherSurvey NEWSTHUMB 2Victoria’s teachers are being invited to share their views and ideas on parliamentary education via a new survey.

The teacher survey on parliamentary education is seeking the input of our State’s educators on the resources and programs that can assist in teaching the civics and citizenship curriculum.

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Tour Parliament House without leaving home

3D ToursOur new virtual tours give you the chance to take an online stroll through Parliament House.

The Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council chambers, Library, Queen’s Hall and Vestibule all feature on this virtual journey through one of Victoria’s most significant landmarks.

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Presiding Officer insights for new ACT Speaker

New ACT SpeakerThe new Speaker of the ACT Legislative Assembly, Joy Burch, was welcomed to Victoria’s Parliament today.

Accompanied by Clerk Tom Duncan, Ms Burch held discussions with our Presiding Officers and Clerks, who shared their experiences and insights on chairing parliament’s proceedings and managing the parliament building and administration.

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