Thursday, 19 October 2023

Questions without notice and ministers statements

Written responses

David Limbrick, Lizzie Blandthorn, Nicholas McGowan

Written responses

The PRESIDENT (12:48): That ends ministers statements and questions.

David Limbrick: On a point of order, President, I would like to request an explanation for a non-response to a question without notice asked on 3 October and due on 5 October – question without notice 278, to the Minister for Education, please.

Lizzie Blandthorn: I will follow that up with the Minister for Education.

Nicholas McGowan: On a point of order, President, at the conclusion of the Attorney-General’s response to Ms Crozier’s question today, as the minister sat down she made a comment, but I do not know whether it was part of the answer or captured by Hansard, and that was, I think, that they would not be making a response to the Victorian Law Reform Commission’s report. Is that correct?

The PRESIDENT: I do not know if that is a point of order, and it would be better if the point of order was made in real time.

Nicholas McGowan: I am just trying to clarify that that actually formed part of the question and will be included in Hansard.

The PRESIDENT: I do not know the answer in real time, so that is not a point of order.

As far as today’s questions go, I thank Minister Tierney, who will get responses from the Minister for Community Sport for both questions from Mrs Tyrrell in line with the standing orders, and also, Minister Tierney, Ms Purcell’s ones to the Minister for Environment. Minister Symes is going to get answers from the Premier for the two questions that Ms Copsey asked. Thank you for that. I thank also Minister Shing, who offered to get a response for Ms Lovell’s first question on housing.