Wednesday, 8 February 2023

Statements on parliamentary committee reports

Integrity and Oversight Committee

Integrity and Oversight Committee

The Independent Performance Audits of the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission and the Victorian Inspectorate

Paul EDBROOKE (Frankston) (10:09): I also rise to speak on the Integrity and Oversight Committee report which reviewed the performance of Victoria’s integrity agencies, such as IBAC, the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner and the Victorian Ombudsman. They also reviewed the management of witness welfare during this inquiry. Can I start by saying thank you to the members of that committee. We have heard about embarrassment. On this side of the house there was no embarrassment – changes happen and people adapt and come to those positions and they do very well. The member for Narre Warren South has done a fantastic job, as have the former members of that committee as well.

Cindy McLeish interjected.

Paul EDBROOKE: As the member for Eildon knows, committee work can be some of the most rewarding work, I think, in this role. You can be a backbencher in your community, making change in your community, but all of a sudden you have got the chance to make change at a statewide level through policy or legislation, and I certainly had the chance to do that. I, along with several members in this chamber, was part of the Family and Community Development Committee with the member for Geelong; the member for Bendigo West, the now Speaker; the member for Lowan, I think; the member for Eildon; and the member for South-West Coast – I cannot forget South-West Coast. There was a great secretariat as well for that committee. Some examples of what we were able to achieve through regional and metro hearings of the perinatal services inquiry include an introduction of more cuddle cots, and we informed the Parliament on the pressures of workforce shortages in regions and the possible options and outcomes we can have. And there is lots more to do – there is indeed lots more to do – but you need to know how to do it and where to do it.

Cindy McLeish: On a point of order, Deputy Speaker, I thought the member on his feet was actually supposed to be speaking on the Integrity and Oversight Committee. He has strayed a very long way from that, and I ask you to bring him back.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member has strayed from the committee report and would be advised to come back to it, please.

Paul EDBROOKE: Thank you, Deputy Speaker. I was just about to give the member for Eildon a compliment about that. You have cut me off. Look, this committee of course will continue to be responsible for monitoring and reviewing the performance of those agencies, and I very much look forward to reading their next report. I believe the new committees will be announced fairly soon, and I obviously hope the member for Narre Warren South is still the chair of the committee. I think I will leave it there and give other people time to contribute to this very important report.