Tuesday, 20 September 2022


South-West Coast electorate roads

South-West Coast electorate roads

Ms BRITNELL (South-West Coast) (19:10): (6540) My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. The action I seek is for the minister to drive to South-West Coast and have a firsthand look at the roads this government seems to believe are in a magnificent condition. This is not the first time I have invited the minister to come to South-West Coast to have a look for himself at the absolutely atrocious conditions our roads are in. My last request was ignored—not surprising, really, because the minister either lives in denial or simply does not care that many of our roads are in such a bad condition and that they are dangerous. There is an irony in the fact that we have a minister for road safety, because there is no way we could have a minister for safe roads given what drivers in my electorate encounter on a daily basis. Put simply, our roads are not okay. I have been constantly raising the issue of poor road conditions in this place, but I am not sure the minister believes me. So rather than me just pointing out the bleeding obvious once again, I thought I would share just a snapshot of some of the hundreds of social media comments I have received in recent months from constituents.

We towed a loaded float back from Mt Gambier yesterday and the road to Heywood is really dangerous.

Yeah here in the Sth West we don’t drive on the ‘left hand side of the road’ we try and drive on what’s ‘left of the road’ … stay safe everyone …

The national highway is an absolute disgrace! Road crews just went through today fixing holes armed with a shovel.

I’m sure they went through less than a week ago!

So they thought it was a good idea to put all the rails in between Panmure and Allansford on the highway to make it safer. What a joke. All they have done is stuffed the road and potholes everywhere.

Can roads come under health and safety, then they’d be accountable have to do something properly. They only do a bandaid fix doesnt last at all.

Minister, are you listening? These are the words of everyday drivers who have to navigate huge potholes, dangerously large shoulder drop-offs and every other array of problems that impact on our daily lives. I have had numerous freight and transport companies contact me in recent months detailing the amount of damage being caused to their trucks. This puts drivers at risk and has increased costs at a time when the financial pressures of rising fuel prices and the COVID-19 aftermath continue to be felt. Minister, our roads are not okay. Will you be brave enough to travel to South-West Coast to see for yourself?

The SPEAKER: Can I remind members to address their remarks through the Chair.